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    Margie McNally

    Margie McNally
    Margie McNally is an interior designer and environmental consultant specializing in sustainable design. Her approach to interior design addresses the relationship between sustainability, resource efficiency, good indoor environmental quality, health and wellness. Margie has an associate’s degree in interior design and is licensed in the state of Massachusetts with NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification). She is also a USGBC (United States Green Building Council) LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design), AP (Accredited Professional) as well as an ALA Lighting Associate (American Lighting Association. Margie previously worked as The Environmental Program Coordinator for the American Lung Association of Southeastern Mass to address indoor air quality issues in schools. She currently works as an Environmental Interior Design Consultant and Lighting Specialist as well as Adjunct Faculty Member at The Boston Architectural College teaching Materials, Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality online to students from all over the world.

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    Meet Margie | From Asthma to Interior Design Advocate

    “When you can’t breathe nothing else matters” was the campaign slogan of The American Lung Association in the mid 90’s. It came as a postcard with a photo of a cute little boy with an oxygen tube draped across his tiny face. It resonated with me as I sorted through the remaining pile of mail. As an asthma sufferer myself, I knew all too well the helpless feeling of shortness of breath and frightening it must be for a young child I thought.

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    12 Uses for Castile Soap (Enticing Discount Included)


    What is Castile Soap? 

    Castile soap is a multi-tasking, kind cleaning product.  Found in both liquid and bar style, castile soap is a long time favorite for camping folk due to its multi-purpose usage and kind-to-the-environment traits.  instead of using animal fats or synthetics as its base, your new-BFF-to-be is vegetable based - usually from a olive oil, coconut, almond, hemp or jojoba base.  Which product do we recommend, how does one use castile soap, and is there really an enticing discount? 

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