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    Top_Five_Blog_post.pngAnnoucing our top five viewed & shared 2016 Savvy Women's Alliances blog posts. What a solid start for our inaugural year  - we are incredibly proud of our volunteer writers and editors.  Which of these compelling posts do you recognize?

    1. My Famously Fantastic Simple Weed Killer

    (With over 32,903 visits!) 

    2. 9 Short-Cuts For Cleaning With Vinegar


    3. Welcome to the Fragrance Revolution


    4. Autoimmune Disease: Changing the Game Brynn's Way


    5. BPA & Canned Food Report | Where to Start, Where to Look


    A special thank you to all of our volunteers - including editors, social media gurus and writers - who stepped forward over 2016 to create our content team. We are in awe of their brilliance minds and dedicated hearts.  

    We are preparing to expand Savvy's Content Team. Would you be interested in joining?  If so, send us an email introducing yourself.  We would be happy to give you a tour and get to know you better.   We are looking for a combination of new-to-the-movement thoughts, hobbyist writters, and passionate experts. The commonality is a love for the written word and the want to be part of a supportive team. 


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    Eve_profile.jpgI love seeing how we women band together to change the world. Savvy reflects so much of my own personal beliefs and the conclusions I’ve drawn after years of study. I love that we can share and learn together. It’s not a “my way or the highway” kind of place. Join in.Find your home.You’re always welcome here! 

     ~ Eve Bynum  Founding Savvy Writer 

    Andrea_Fabry_1-185589-edited.jpgMy goal is to encourage every woman to listen to her instincts as she seeks to sort through the complexities surrounding today’s toxic world. I look forward to sharing the Savvy Women’s journey with all of you.

    ~ Andrea Fabry, Author of It Takes Time Blog & Founding Savvy Writer 



    It wasn’t until I sat in on a Savvy Board meeting that I truly understood the complex workings of this amazing organization and the scope of their efforts. I was immediately proud to be part of something so much larger than myself, and a company that I believed would truly change the world. I knew from that day forward that I would take any opportunity to be a part of Savvy again as it was established and grew.

    ~ Julia Condon Founding Savvy Writer 

    I wish I had had a network like this when I started my health and fitness journey. I want to help other women just starting out to cut through the endless pages of Google results, confusing articles, and conflicting information that have lead many to give up or never start. I want to empower women to take their health into their own hands and become aware of what they’re eating and how what they’re eating can change their mood, energy levels, and bodies. As I continue my own journey, I want to share what I’m learning with health, nutrition and other allies that are dedicated to making the world and our bodies a cleaner and healthier place.

    ~ Aimée Suen Founding Savvy Writer