12 Uses for Castile Soap 

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    What is Castile Soap? 

    Castile soap is a multi-tasking, kind cleaning product.  Found in both liquid and bar style, castile soap is a long time favorite for camping folk due to its multi-purpose usage and kind-to-the-environment traits.  instead of using animal fats or synthetics as its base, your new-BFF-to-be is vegetable based - usually from a olive oil, coconut, almond, hemp or jojoba base.  Which product do we recommend, how does one use castile soap, and is there really an enticing discount? 

    Savvy Recommendations

    Slowly, consumers are escaping the marketing trap mindset of collecting multi-products for multi-tasks.  Instead, the budget focused are seeking an effective multi-tasking product to use for many purposes. This is where castile soap finds it's way into mainstream shopping carts, and deservedly so.  

    Dr. Bronner’sdrb_logo_vert_color.jpg

    Margie McNally, a consultant on healthy home living and environmental interior design services (and a Savvy volunteer) recommends Dr. Bronner's.  Dr. Bronner's line of castile soap products and dates back to the early 1900s. Dr. Bronner's has been actively advocating for fair trade and pure, organic ingredients. Margie shares, "I like using peppermint and lavender products in my cleaning routine and as a body wash and aromatherapy experience at the same time. The bar soaps work just as well in the bath."  Dr. Bronner’s carries other products such as lip balm, lotions, shaving soaps and baby care products all with the assurance of viable industry labels including fair trade, non GMO, organic and not animal tested.

    Vermont Soap  download_1.jpg

    Vermont Soap says it best with: "Vermont Soap has been replacing yucky petrochemical based products with yummy natural formulations made from organic oils and herbs. Safe, non-GMO and nontoxic; Vermont Soap has the natural solutions you need." Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Vermont Soap has an  an extensive product line - fullfilling client requests from wholesale to gardening, and deodorant to the world's first USDA certified organic Horse Shampoo.  Browse by scent - including unscented. Bonus: you can participate in a customer loyalty program. 

    For The Budget Focused

    When shopping for castile soap, keep in mind, the product is concentrated and designed to be diluted, so a little goes a long way.  Good to know! 


    How To Use Castile Soap

    In combination with some warm water, castile soap is (happily) notorious for its endless uses.  Just think how many products you purchase that we can now replace with one item!!

    Next to the Kitchen Sink

    • A couple of drops for hand washing anytime. 
    • Hand dish washing
    • Fruit and vegetable bath: Wash pesticides or bacteria off fruits and veggies with a smidgen of soap (1/4 teaspoon of castile soap) and water. 
    • Do you have an empty foaming soap container? Add two tablespoons of castile soap and water and reuse. 

    All Around Cleaning 

    • For mopping, use a couple of tablespoons of soap to two gallons of hot water. 
    • Whip up an all purpose spray with a 1/4 cup soap with a quart of water in a spray bottle. We like to write the recipe with a Sharpie marker on the bottle for easy refills mixing.  Teach the kids. 
    • Make-up brushes. You've been meaning to do that anyways, right? 
    In The Shower 
    • A small squirt is all that is needed to scrub up body parts. 
    • As shampoo. Now, to be honest,  we have had a mediocre experience on this one. Guys or gals with short hair seem to be happy with this, but those with longer or fine hair, not so much.

    Wash the Dog. Wash the Horse.  wash_cats.jpg

    • Lisa Bronner shares, "For cats, you have to be a little more careful. Many essential oils can be toxic to cats, especially tea tree, lavender and peppermint oils. So for cats, as for babies, your best bet is to use one of our Unscented Baby-Mild varieties."  Turns out many people wash their cats due to the dust from the cat litter. Hmmm.  We think washing cats and safety deserves a blog post of its own.   

    And Ants? Turns out ants dislike peppermint so apply a mixture of water and some peppermint castile soap to their trails and hang out areas. 



    Our blog, the Savvy Path, focuses on one theme a month. Learn together, makes some changes, move forward. Nice and easy.  Stay tuned as we explore a budget-friendly cleaning ideas, tips and products.   



    Margie McNally

    Written by Margie McNally

    Margie McNally is an interior designer and environmental consultant specializing in sustainable design. Her approach to interior design addresses the relationship between sustainability, resource efficiency, good indoor environmental quality, health and wellness. Margie has an associate’s degree in interior design and is licensed in the state of Massachusetts with NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification). She is also a USGBC (United States Green Building Council) LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design), AP (Accredited Professional) as well as an ALA Lighting Associate (American Lighting Association. Margie previously worked as The Environmental Program Coordinator for the American Lung Association of Southeastern Mass to address indoor air quality issues in schools. She currently works as an Environmental Interior Design Consultant and Lighting Specialist as well as Adjunct Faculty Member at The Boston Architectural College teaching Materials, Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality online to students from all over the world.

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