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    If you are reading this from a smart phone or computer screen, chances are you are in a better place in life than so many others.  

    In 2014, almost 47 million people lived in poverty, while another 48 million Americans lived in food-insecure households. These families and children rely on the support and food donations from organizations such as the Feeding America Network. This non-profit organization is a network of food banks nationwide and serves 46.5 million people each year, of which 12 million are children. What does this have to do with Savvy's monthly challenge?

    Because food banks distribute largely non-perishable food, many of these donations are in the form of canned goods. Many of these food products contain BPA (bisphenol-A), a plastic and resin ingredient used to line metal food and drink cans, including infant formula.  At Savvy, we believe that every family, every child, deserves to have access to the healthiest, safest foods possible, regardless of economic status.

    That’s why we are encouraging our members and chapters to participate in food drives the Savvy way: by raising awareness and donating non-perishable food items that are BPA-free.  For a quick reference, take a look at this list of brands that do (and do not) use BPA in their can linings

    Thank you for helping ensure that all families and children have access to safe and healthy foods!


    The Savvy Path blog features one topic a month from many different perspectives.  This month we are  featuring BPA. Peruse more ideas and tips here: 

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    Rachel Vidoni

    Written by Rachel Vidoni

    Rachel Vidoni is a professional writer and blogger and former classroom teacher. She is a mediocre mother to three pretty neat kids. Proud editor of the amazing award-winning Little Changes.

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