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    “I’ve always loved nature and being outdoors, and the sense that humans were doing more harm than good seeped into me like so many others and, though not an activist by any means, I began to take those many small steps to tread lightly on this Earth, live by example, and help wherever I could.

    Four years ago, I became a beekeeper and the learning curve shot up. Watching and learning about my bees gave me a holistic view of our world and how one small change – good or bad – can have such a ripple effect.”

    – Janice Sina, New Savvy Women's Alliance Member and Volunteer


    Here’s what we’re talking about this month:

    •       Announcing: Talk Savvy To Me Event 
    •       Monthly Topic: Girl Talk 
    •       Seven New Chapter Locations

    Talk Savvy to Me 

    Four Powerful Speakers. One Savvy Celebration.

    New England peeps! We have a spectacular event planned for June 22nd from 6:30 – 9:00 pm at the destination bookstore, An Unlikely Story in Plainville, MA.  Join us for four powerful speakers and some light refreshments. This event is open to the public (there is a $20 suggested donation) and complimentary for Savvy Women’s Alliance members. RSVP here – space is limited!

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    Special thanks to the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund for providing funding for this event.


    Topic of the Month: Girl Talk

    Girl Talk.pngThis month we’re talking about a subject we think we’re safe to say we all have in common: vaginas. Yup, we said va jay-jay. And we think you should, too. With about half the world’s population being vagina owners, it’s nothing to be ashamed about.  

    FUN FACT: The Savvy Women's Alliance of Providence selected this monthly theme as their very first Gathering topic to explore, talk about alternatives and share ideas with each other! Bring it on Savvy women!   Bravo!  

    What is shameful is that the companies that make the products we use on or near our delicate parts use ingredients that can cause rashes and contain endocrine disruptors, among other things. And they know exactly what they’re doing. Start with this week's blog post by Julia. Then, member's can join the discussion in the Savvy Café across the month of May. 


    It’s a Chapter Explosion!

    When Savvy Women's Alliance Chapters launched earlier this year we could not have imagined how fast they would grow. Thank you to all of our Chapter Ambassadors who have made us 26 Chapters strong from coast to coast. Help us welcome our newest chapters and their rock star ambassadors with a virtual high-five!   

    Fresno, California – Kimi

    Watertown, Connecticut - Jennifer

    Smyrna, GA – Elizabeth

    Sudbury, MA - Jennifer

    Providence, RI – Trina

    Wakefield, RI – Diane

    Ferndale, WA - Staci

    Find A Chapter on our website. 

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