Cassidy Randall

    Cassidy Randall
    Cassidy is Director of Marketing and Business Development for Nontoxic Certified, America’s first nontoxic certification program for consumer products, and writes about finding wild in the everyday on her blog Directional Detour. Her previous experience includes running social media marketing for Harris Mountains Heliski, working website magic for the ShiftCon Social Media Conference, and working with Women’s Voices for the Earth as Director of Outreach and Engagement. Her writing has been published in Prevention, Huffington Post, Backpacker Magazine, and other outlets, and she’s the author of Fighting for the Dream: Voices from a New Generation of Maya Women. Cassidy holds an M.S. from the University of Montana in environmental studies, and a B.A. in American Literature from UCLA.

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    Good Clean Love (Discount Included)

    Psst. Over here. We need to talk about those products in your nightstand: Lube. Feminine wash. Sexual well being. Actually, forget the whisper.  The taboo around talking about products like lube and feminine wash is likely what’s allowed the industry to get away with using toxic chemicals for so long. So let’s raise our voices, huh? 

    Specifically, let’s talk about a woman who is breaking the taboos. Wendy Strgar has been making safer products for women, talking openly about healthy sex lives, and teaching women to be advocates for their sexual well being for years.  Wendy Strgar - a loveologist and  a pioneer in the organic personal care product industry - conceived of (pardon the pun) Good Clean Love after 16 years of marriage and the birth of her fourth child out of determination to enjoy her sex life again. She tried the big-name lubricants on the shelves, but they all left her in pain.

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