Erin Keefe

    Erin Keefe
    Writer, blogger, PR guru, and mother of two teenage girls, I am never at a loss for interesting content for my latest adventure and passion,RaisingSTRONGGirls. Always chronicling life lessons, motivations and inspirations that will help make my girls stronger – in mind, body and spirit. If you are a mom of teenage girls and need to know you aren’t alone, please join the RSG community and feel empowered!

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    Navigating Healthy Eating With Our Daughters

    Raising children. No other job provides infinite new challenges that often need immediate attention. Some are easy– like finding a last minute ride to practice. Others have life-long implications. The decisions we make can leave us feeling frightened, vulnerable and skeptical. Am I saying the right things? Are my choices demonstrating the behavior I want my kids to follow? What can I do to teach them how to be strong? How do I keep them safe and healthy? 

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