Meg Payne

    Meg Payne
    Ahoy, there! My name is Meg and I currently reside in America’s hometown- Plymouth, Massachusetts. In a nutshell I’m a dog mom, yoga lover, beach goer, health food junkie, rookie blogger, wannabe mermaid, healthy lifestyle advocate, and much more…but you get the idea! I was born and raised on the beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years. I always considered myself a health conscious person since I was extremely active with sports and studied nutrition. It wasn’t until my internship at a Boston Hospital where I learned that being healthy encompasses more than what you eat and how much you exercise; being healthy also takes into consideration the elements contained in your cleaning products, beauty products, hygiene products, etc. Ever since my toxic epiphany, I’ve made it my mission to incorporate all aspect of a healthy lifestyle into my life. So, slab on some paraben-free, mineral-based sunscreen and enjoy the journey!

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    Perceptions of 'Health' and a Teenage Athlete

    Meg Payne reveals misconceptions, struggles, epiphanies and turning points highlighting the life of a teenage athlete and the perception of health.  How much of her story resonates with teens you know? What perceptions of health are we teaching the next generation as adults, coaches and parents? 

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