Randi Graham

    Randi Graham
    Randi brings a wealth of experience working in non-profit, for-profit and state & local government. Her passion is ecological sustainability, particularly where science informs action around the environment & public health. She works at Mass Audubon and has served on the boards of her local land trust and local children's museum.

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    Is Savvy for the Not-Exactly-Green?










    I am a sucker for double stuffed Oreos.

    Especially when they’re dipped in milk, and it’s not often organic milk.

    I try not to get on my own case about my choices for the same reason I try not to judge other people for their decisions:  going green is a process, and we are each on our own path. It isn’t always easy. I spend a lot of time reading labels to determine if the ingredient list is safe, and I feel let down when I learn that a company I once thought was eco-friendly actually isn’t. I question when a product says “Eco” or “Green” in the name and wonder if they are being truthful?

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