A Quest For Affordable (and Safe) Personal Care Products

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    One Innocent Sounding Wordkaren_roche75.jpg

    By now we know that the word “fragrance” on a product label is a red flag. That one innocent sounding word can include so many unknowns from endocrine disruptors to carcinogens. Finding products that disclose what makes them smell so good can be hard and some of the products with clean ingredients can be expensive.

    Karen Roche understands this problem all too well. In 2006 her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. So began her journey to learn about and find better-for-you products free from toxins and artificial fragrances. The one thing Karen had the most trouble finding was personal care products that fit the bill. There were limited options and many that she did find were pricey.

     She figured that if she was having problems finding non-toxic, affordable personal care products other woman were, too. So Karen got to work researching ingredients and trying “recipes” in her own kitchen to make the products she couldn’t find in the marketplace.

    A Year Later

    Be Green Bath & Body was born. There is much to love about Be Green Bath and Body’s products. The line of over forty products for hair, face and body are free from parabens, petroleum products, phthalates and SLS. They also never contain artificial dyes and fragrances. Ever. This firm commitment to non-toxic ingredients earned Be Green Bath & Body Champion status from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics for signing the Compact for Safe Cosmetics– one of only 322 companies to do so. This achievement goes hand in hand with the very desirable rating of “1” on almost all of Be Green's products on EWG Skin Deep Database.


    So what is in Be Green Bath & Body’s products?

    Soothing butters and nourishing oils. The oils, which not only nourish skin the skin but give the products a lovely smell are made from cold pressed vegetables, seeds and nuts and contain vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to nourish the skin. Most are organic and many are sourced twenty miles or less from Be Green Bath & Body’s home base in Massachusetts. The company is completely transparent as to what ingredients are in their products and details of the background and use of every one of their ingredients can be found in their ingredient dictionary. All products are hand crafted in small batches for optimal freshness. They are never mass produced and don’t spend weeks or months sitting in warehouses, ensuring that they are fresh as can be when they reach customers.

    Fragrance-Free? Skin Condition? Nut Allergy? 

    If you have a nut allergy or skin condition, Be Green Bath & Body has you covered. There is a selection of nut free products for you to shop. Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea can soothed by the Calendula Cream and Evening Primrose Healing Oil.  However, some of Be Green Bath & Body’s most popular products are those that are unscented, which do not contain nut oils and essential oils. Products that are free from any type of nw_calendulacream.jpgfragrance can be hard to find, and Be Green Bath & Body has filled this void with a bath and shower gel, body oil, body powder and body lotion.

    And Good For the Wallet? 

    Most artisanal lines of high quality personal care products are expensive. These are not. Be Green Bath & Body is committed to providing safe and effective products at an affordable price.  The most expensive product is $20 with most products being in the $8-$15 range. The Night Cream does double duty as it can be used as an eye cream. The Day Cream multitasks as a hand lotion.  Be Green Bath & Body makes living up to its commitment to Nourish Your Skin Safely ® affordable. Founder Karen Roche also loves to share product suggestions and insights with customers and has been known to research and formulate a new product to address a customer’s particular skin concern. The Calendula Cream was originally formulated as a special request for a customer who suffered from eczema and is now a customer favorite for soothing a variety of skin conditions.

    Be Green Bath & Body is proof that non-toxic, fragrance free and customer centered  personal care products don’t have to be hard to find or expensive.

    It’s also a testament to the power each of has within us to be an entrepreneur. Karen Roche is the perfect example of how someone can turn a passion for high quality, safe personal care products into a successful business with customers worldwide. 


    This month the Savvy Women's Alliances is exploring tips, stories and ideas on how you can impact your health and home by becoming Savvy about the Fragrance Revolution.  Are you ready for another spritz? 

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    While this sounds like a promotional post, it is proudly shared out of true respect for Karen and her ideals. No money was exchanged or sponsor promises.  Out of full transparency, the best-friend referred to above is Savvy's founder, Kristi Marsh. Two very driven women who started this journey 10 years ago by sharing a book, wanting to raise the bar for a better world.  Who knows where YOU will be in 10 years from now? 


    Diana Alexander

    Written by Diana Alexander

    Diana is a mom of two boys, wife of a Scotsman, a lover of all things food and a passionate believer that you are what you eat (and what you eat eats,) but always makes an exception for Stove Top Stuffing and cupcakes. When she’s not watching her boys on the soccer field you can find her with her nose in a book or in the kitchen cooking up something yummy, but probably not low in calories.

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