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    The Before...


    Way back, ten years ago, I did what everyone else does –

      • visit the pediatrician when my kiddos were sick and on schedule,
      • take myself to the doctor when I was (REALLY) sick,
      • filled my prescriptions,
      • used the food pyramid as a guide – lots of grains and dairy,
      • colored my hair,
      • used off-the-shelf vitamins and supplements,
      • stocked microwave popcorn in the pantry and Yoplait Go-Gurt™ in the fridge, along with conventional meats,
      • bought all our personal care products at the local big box store
    … you know, the ‘normal’ life.

    The After....

    How does my life look different now?

    Stopped coloring my hair six months ago.

    Only use quality vitamins and supplements that are needed for each of us .. so, I’m in maintenance mode, and for me this is a probiotic, vitamin C, vitamin D, fermented cod liver oil, and a omega 3 supplement.

    No ‘fake’ foods at our house – including those with artificial colors!  Now we raise our own chickens, and I make bone broth.  And homemade kombucha is a yummy treat!  We buy quality meats, direct from the farmer when possible.

    I treat my children, husband, myself, and pets for routine ailments at home – with natural and herbal remedies and essential oils, sometimes DIY, sometimes purchased.

    My whole family sees a nutritionist and we’re HEALING our bodies from the inside out. We RARELY have a need to see a medical doctor.  

    Eliminated foods that don’t work for our bodies – soy, corn for most of us (I evidently passed that trait on to all of my children!), wheat, dairy, sugars … and replaced them with healthier alternatives that nourish and strengthen our bodies.

    Deciding on vaccinations one at a time, on a case by case basis, after much research and consideration.

    I buy our personal products at various places, both locally and online, and I make some too – but they are much more natural and beneficial to our bodies (vs. filled with chemicals and heavy metals that slowly erode our health).

    My First "Whoops!" 

    Whew, this is a long list, and I’m sure that I didn’t mention everything.  But, it also represents the last ten years, and it’s definitely been an evolving process…with lots of baby-steps, trial and error, and downright failures along the way!  My most epic failure, that actually was my impetus to start was when my daughter’s pediatrician suggested I remove milk from my daughter’s diet… but I didn’t realize that this should also include yogurt and cheeses!  So, just pulling milk out did absolutely no good!  So, the pediatrician suggested a laxative that she should use indefinitely. Now that, that was enough to get this contented mama upset – why on earth should a five year old be on a laxative for the rest of her life??  That truly was the spark that ignited this passion that I now have!

    And The Husband? 

    And my husband, well, he’s a good sport, for sure .. but he is now right on board with the changes we’ve made… he’s feeling better than he has in a long time and definitely has more energy.

    The Best Part? 

    We all talk about …

    • what’s ‘normal’ in our American culture today vs. what alternatives there are
    • what’s healthy for our bodies and what’s not
    • how to tune in to listen to the messages that their bodies are giving them
    • why it’s important to buy quality foods and supplements, even though they cost more up front,
    • why the natural products aren’t advertised like the mainstream products are.

    And, most importantly, we learn and grow healthier together. 

    ~Ursa Swenson 


    Discussion Thoughts From Savvy's Founder,

    When I read Ursa's story for the first time, I instinctively reached for a pen to jot down notes, thinking  'Can I do that?' Reading it again, from they eyes of a potential reader, a negative-Nelly voice needled: Ursa was too-green, too-woo-woo, and her story would elicit a conditioned reflex from readers of  'Oh, I could never do that. Maybe Savvy isn't for me.'  

    It is this internal conversation which intrigues me As women: Do we judge quickly?  Did you draw conclusions about Ursa? Make a statement about yourself? ("I will so not stop coloring my hair.")  Do other women's personal successes intimidate? This certainly happens to me. Every time I am on Pinterest. My grand patio project? Shrinks and withers with every board I scroll past.  Every time. This reaction exists inside of me. But I can recognize it, acknowledge it and move on, in my own scraggly backyard kind of way. 

    Or... is it possible, that because Savvy has an acknowledged-we-are-all-on-a-journey tone, we CAN fully celebrate those who are soaring on their own chosen personal trajectory?    I wish with all my heart that this is true. Here is a place where are all developing our own life-long philosophy to embrace and share forward.  

     It is Ursa's courage to design her own path that I am inspired by, becoming an advocate of her body. We are proud to add her to our line-up of featured members and look forward to following her blog at One Radiant Life. 


    Ursa Swenson

    Written by Ursa Swenson

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