Curious About Starting a Chapter? Our Top 3 Q's Answered

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    Would it surprise you to learn this about our Savvy Women's Alliance community?  Or maybe not so surprised to learn how our supporters feel?  

    • 23% feel isolated
    • 32% want to make a difference outside their home, but are not sure how
    • 33% are overwhelmed by the topic of 'nontoxic living' 
    • 47% identify with being light-green
    • 61% want to be around more like-minded women

    The need for many new chapters existsHave you maybe kind-of, possibly thought about starting a chapter?  If so, take a look at the top three questions we are asked:  


    1. How does a chapter work? 

    Chapters are the heart and soul of the Savvy Women's Alliance. They are informal communities, comprised of five or more women who come together at least eight times each year to explore 'non-toxic living.'  

    Chapters Ambassadors (leaders) plan events with our support.  At these Gatherings,  women might share ideas, exchange budget-saving tips and their favorite local resources. Gatherings might center around guest speakers, book clubs, movies,  field trips, DIY fun or exploring local restaurants. 

    Start by selecting one of these Gathering styles that fits your personality:

    Cozy: A “Girls’ Night Out” style to gather within someone’s home. (Think casual book club with potluck appetizers.) This can be hosted by the Chapter Ambassador or another Chapter member. You can rotate hosting duties over the course of the year.

    Inviting: Use a local community space, such as a library, church or wellness center. This type of Gathering is an easy way to invite those who may be curious about getting involved but may not already know each other.

    Work-Friendly: Bring Savvy to work! Hosting on site can be as easy as hosting a lunch-hour brown bag Gathering, bringing in a guest speaker over breakfast, or going out for appetizers during happy hour.


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    (A Chapter Resource Page)



    2. Am I on my own? What if I am not  an expert? How do I lead?  

    You might be geographically isolated for the time being (this will change) but you will never be on your own. With our support and the fellowship of a few other women in your community, you have everything you need to encourage and facilitate.  Just a few of the tools we offer include:

    • Quick Start Launch Handbook  
    • Monthly Chapter Ambassador Chats (phone call) 
    • Chapter Ambassadors online discussion room so you are connected across the country with others doing the same thing!  
    • Regional events
    • National events
    • Press releases
    • A chapter group email 
    • Your own chapter's resource page
    • As well as a volunteer team dedicated to see you thrive 
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    3. How do I decide what the topics should be?

    As for topics, we make it easy as possible. When you are with Savvy, you are part of a much larger movement.  We strategically work with our Founding Nonprofit Partners to create two-month themes to support your Gatherings.  

    OR,  if your members are excited about a particular topic - such as worm composting or decluttering - follow the energy! This makes Savvy uniquely adaptable:  a national nonprofit but reflective communities needs.


    Plan now.  Launch a small community chapter in 2018.

    We are looking for a few more people who....

    • have a yearning to be part of something meaningful
    • want to do their part  to create a better world
    • understand that we are stronger when we explore together 
    • enjoy organizing small events, or build a team to do so
    • are kind, inviting and welcoming

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    Diana Alexander

    Written by Diana Alexander

    Diana is a mom of two boys, wife of a Scotsman, a lover of all things food and a passionate believer that you are what you eat (and what you eat eats,) but always makes an exception for Stove Top Stuffing and cupcakes. When she’s not watching her boys on the soccer field you can find her with her nose in a book or in the kitchen cooking up something yummy, but probably not low in calories.

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