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    Over 5,000 hours were invested by the passionate to launch Savvy. Volunteers have come together virtually from across the country and even into Canada. We have a solid platform with many exciting plans ahead and would like to open up a few more opportunities to contribute. At this point, you have a pretty good idea who 'Savvy' is, now we would like to get to know you better.  Which position interests you? Do you have questions?  Let's talk.  Let's find the right place for you. 


    Writing Team (2) | Ongoing

    We are looking to add TWO more writers to Savvy's volunteer writing team. Whether you describe yourself as a  hobbyist or professional, it your love for words, storytelling and exploring nontoxic living that counts. Topics may include interviewing and celebrating better-for-us businesses or nonprofits, sharing educational themes, celebrating others, or even allowing us to celebrate your story and your place in the movement.  Learn more here.  (Time:  You decide how many topics to take on based on your schedule. 1-3 a quarter, average.) 

    Correspondence Writer | Ongoing

    We are looking for someone who can work virtually alongside our founder, Kristi, creating the content for formal business letters and emails.  We need someone who feels confident weaving Savvy's friendly and respectful tone into letters requesting donations, sponsors and other situations.  (Time: 1-2 letters a week. Over time, the content would be simply replicated and modified for each recipient.)   

    GuideStar | One-time project 

    Have you created an account with Guidestar before?  Savvy needs a helping hand to flush out its account.  (Time:  one phone conversation, plus 1-2 hours, depending on the need.) 

    Event Planning (3) | Join our committee  

    We have plans for our first Savvy Women's Alliance retreat for April of 2017.  If this is going to happen, we are going to need a super-charged committee! Graphic designing, copy writing, developing sponsors from our curated list, developing our sponsor guidelines, researching potential locations in New England, swag bag coordinator - you name it! Do you have experience in high-energy retreats?  Come aboard. Your insight is needed.  (Time: one conference call every other month, plus chosen role.) 

    Grant Writer 

    Savvy has narrowed down a list of prospective grants to a handful of perfect matches. Would you be able to take one or two on a quarter? Much of the content is pre-created and needs to be modified to specific grants.  (Time: 5-6 hours a month.) 

    Experience with “Your Membership” Software 

    Savvy's association management software is powered by “Your Membership”. If you have experience working on this platform, we would LOVE to have your assistance when we roll out Youre Membership's debut community engagement software in late spring.  This would be a one-month power focus project working closely with both our founder and our “Your Membership” representative.  This will be a very exciting and crucial time for Savvy, so if you exist... please step forward!  












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