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    Health Was Becoming So Much Bigger Than The Food I Loved  

    As a food blogger, I knew the dangers of white sugar, refined foods, preservatives and super long words to avoid in foods. I knew how animals were treated in factory farms and how pesticides had caused health problems with field workers. I was eating and cooking healthy, shopping at my farmer’s market and buying organic or no-spray produce, eating less processed foods, working out. I thought I knew it all when it came to healthy living. 


    The more I explored the healthy eating community, I found more voices. And they had a lot to say, and they had facts to back it up. The voices started to get louder, and I couldn’t ignore them anymore. Health was becoming so much more than the food I ate.

    It was reaching into the shampoo in my hair, the toothpaste in my mouth, and the laundry soap I washed my clothes with. After years of buying the same bright blue shampoo that smelled like orchids or fresh rain or whatever the smell was at the time, I threw it out. And vowed never to buy blue shampoo again.

    I learned about how much skin really absorbs and what is in the products we use everyday.   I tried 8-10 different bars of soap before I found the one that wasn’t filled with odd chemicals. I borderline interviewed store associates about what deodorants people used and like and actually kept them dry.  I googled so many ingredients on the back of bottles I felt like a detective. I read review post after review post about sunscreens and DIY cleaning products. I threw out a lot of makeup, toothpaste, and sunscreens because they were overflowing with chemicals. I stopped using dryer sheets. 

    Even with most of my toiletries and home products have been greened up, I still have more to do. Not all of my cleaning products are quite there, and even though 85% of my food storage is glass, I still have more plastic in my home than I would like. I don’t quite have the budget to switch to an organic cotton/bamboo wardrobe, and a lot of my furniture is made of particle board.

    But that’s okay.

    I’m still learning and making changes when it’s right for me. When I attended an eco-blogging conference, the organizer said,

    "We are all different shades of green, some darker than others, but as long we had our eyes and minds open, that was good."

    And she’s right. We’re all in different parts of our non-toxic journeys. Some we love, some we push through. 

    No matter where you start, celebrate that you’re starting. You’re making the commitment to be aware of what goes in, on, and around your body. And that’s amazing! My hope as a volunteer for Savvy is to help you start or continue your adventures in your non-toxic life, no matter what shade of green you’re working towards. 

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    Aimee Suen

    Written by Aimee Suen

    Aimée Suen is the creator of Small Eats, a blog dedicated to healthy eating and nutrition. Often mistaken for a vegetarian, Aimée is driven to share a balanced, less meat-driven way of eating. She’s newer to the non-toxic world and is eager to help those just starting out on their journey. When she’s not in the kitchen, she’s learning more about food, practicing yoga, or strength training in the gym.

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    Eve_profile.jpgI love seeing how we women band together to change the world. Savvy reflects so much of my own personal beliefs and the conclusions I’ve drawn after years of study. I love that we can share and learn together. It’s not a “my way or the highway” kind of place. Join in.Find your home.You’re always welcome here! 

     ~ Eve Bynum  Founding Savvy Writer 

    Andrea_Fabry_1-185589-edited.jpgMy goal is to encourage every woman to listen to her instincts as she seeks to sort through the complexities surrounding today’s toxic world. I look forward to sharing the Savvy Women’s journey with all of you.

    ~ Andrea Fabry, Author of It Takes Time Blog & Founding Savvy Writer 



    It wasn’t until I sat in on a Savvy Board meeting that I truly understood the complex workings of this amazing organization and the scope of their efforts. I was immediately proud to be part of something so much larger than myself, and a company that I believed would truly change the world. I knew from that day forward that I would take any opportunity to be a part of Savvy again as it was established and grew.

    ~ Julia Condon Founding Savvy Writer 

    I wish I had had a network like this when I started my health and fitness journey. I want to help other women just starting out to cut through the endless pages of Google results, confusing articles, and conflicting information that have lead many to give up or never start. I want to empower women to take their health into their own hands and become aware of what they’re eating and how what they’re eating can change their mood, energy levels, and bodies. As I continue my own journey, I want to share what I’m learning with health, nutrition and other allies that are dedicated to making the world and our bodies a cleaner and healthier place.

    ~ Aimée Suen Founding Savvy Writer