From Plastic-aholic To Plastic-Free Crusador

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    Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too


    A Savvy Bookshelf Recommendation

    Imagine living without our plastic-wrapped-everything. Imagine a world without the convenience of plastic baggies, plastic containers and plastic wrap. How about living without plastic-loaded electronics, toys, and sports equipment?  One woman went beyond just imagining a plastic-free world -- she managed to kick her plastic habit, and now she has so much to teach us from her experience.  Savvy is excited to have Beth join us to answer your questions in our online forum  April 26-28th!

    From “Plastic-aholic” to Plastic-free Crusader

    It all started with a disturbing picture, a surge of anger and a passion to do her part to reduce her plastic-impact.  As she acknowledges, living plastic-free takes a bit of extra effort; but, Beth thoughtfully explains how, and why, to reduce plastic usage without getting “judgy,” overly heavy, or negative.

    Taking what she learned from her journey, Beth combines quick tips with detailed action plans for reducing the plastic in your life. She also provides many, many resources for alternative products and further research, as well as inspirational stories about others along the path and those creating plastic-free solutions. Her book covers a wide variety of topics such as plastic bags, bottled water, recycling, take-out food, grocery shopping, and personal care products.  





    TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch - Beth Terry - Living Plastic Free

    In Beth's book, she inspires and encourages us to understand the hold plastic has on us, as well as our planet, and provides us with juicy habit-changing suggestions like:

    • How to make reusable cloth bags with old t-shirts -- a double positive because the old t-shirt doesn’t end up in the trash!  (Sounds like a fun Gathering idea for our chapters. Or bring a kid to a Gathering idea!) 
    • How to pack a zero-waste lunch and where to re-fill your plastic-free water bottle with clean water on the go
    • How to whip up your own make-up, personal care products and cleaning products, or suggestions for where to buy plastic-free alternatives if you’re not a DIY’er.

    She covers all the bases so that we, the readers, can just jump in and get started on reducing the plastic in our lives now.  Whatever small steps your club takes will be a giant leap in the effort to heal our plastic-filled planet.   

    Where to now? 

    Surprise Guest in the Savvy Cafe!! Savvy Members, continue this discussion in the Savvy Cafe under the Mighty Plastic & Packaging Challenge. Beth will be our first VIP guest in the Savvy Cafe April 26-28th!  Chat with her, leave questions! #giddy 

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    Savvy Member's continue the discussion in the Savvy Cafe under the Might Plastic & Packaging Challenge .  

    Bonnie Tragakis

    Written by Bonnie Tragakis

    Bonnie is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, co-owner of Food Becomes You, LLC, and most recently, a part-time, passionate bookseller/barista/bookkeeper at the cool, indie “An Unlikely Story” bookstore in Plainville, MA. Her passion for environmental issues began when, within four months of each other, she joyfully gave birth to her first son, and painfully lost her father to cancer. With a rapidly increasing awareness of environmental toxins in everyday products, Bonnie became a quiet crusader for organic foods, non-toxic living and making manageable changes for easy-green living. Through Food Becomes You, Bonnie and her business partner have coached small groups to change their lives with “real food,” while also including non-toxic living tips in their classes. Through all of her roles, Bonnie hopes to reach passionate readers and introduce them to life-changing books and influential change-makers to raise awareness around non-toxic living.

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