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    Gift baskets are all the rage these days, and why not? It’s much easier to pick a theme, purchase smaller gifts, add some basket filler and you’re done. While a great idea, it can be challenging to come up with creative baskets that haven’t been done before…or at least that haven’t been overdone. Let’s be honest, the “family movie night basket” has seen its day. Everyone is streaming movies these days, and if they aren’t, they are watching Blue Ray’s. Much more pricey.

    Putting together a cleaning basket is the perfect idea for a raffle basket fundraiser, housewarming present,  first apartment gift,  gift for teachers (to use at home or in their classroom), new moms, newlyweds, and let’s face it: your son or daughter heading off to college. So what should you include? We’ve created a simple list and some resources below to make it SUPER easy and affordable. Done.

    • A cleaning bucket. $5-$7. Baskets get thrown away. A cleaning bucket,  laundry basket or even a galvenized bucket has a million great uses and is fun for a display. (Even if your college children use it to keep drinks cold.) bucket-9in-w-rope-handles-tan-grey-1_260-082533-edited.jpg
    • Cotton cleaning cloths. $5.Cotton actually absorbs water making them more efficient for cleaning than many synthetic fabrics that just push water/liquid around.
    • Gallon of vinegar. $3-$4.  With this cute printable of  course. 
    • Large box of baking soda. $2-$3.
    • Bottle of castile soap. $15-$20 for 32 oz. Castile soap is the base for many of the DIY cleaners, and comes in many different scents. 
    • 3-4 plastic spray bottles. $1-$3. Write the recipes for the cleaners on the bottles, or if you’d like to get really fancy, print them out on water proof labels and affix to the bottles. Here are some of our favorite recipes for window cleaner, sink scrub or weed killer.  
    • Cleaning gloves. $5-$7. Granted, not that you need them to stay safe, but to protect your skin from getting all wrinkly when cleaning. Glam Gloves are cute and pretty affordable, and darling for women. If you’re gifting to a man, the standard yellow cleaning gloves are probably your best bet.

    Fill the bucket with the smaller items, add a bow, and SWISH! Your job is done. If only cleaning itself was this easy!  


    Rachel Vidoni

    Written by Rachel Vidoni

    Rachel Vidoni is a professional writer and blogger and former classroom teacher. She is a mediocre mother to three pretty neat kids. Proud editor of the amazing award-winning Little Changes.

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