How Do My Windows Get So Clean?

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    During the pre-launch phase of my book Little Changes, I focus groups challenged me on one particular character. “Tell us more about Ted. What did he think? Dish! What is he like? What did he think of your crazy antics, Kristi?”  Selfishly, my instinctive answer was, “My husband?  He will have to write his own book. This book is about me.”
    I suppose it’s only natural. Women wanted to have an idea of how their husbands might react to the changes I was suggesting. I listened to their encouragement but knew in my heart why I hadn’t shared more. Ted is a good man. A very private man. The strong silent type with beautiful integrity and values and I naturally try to respect that. 
    Yet, he does have a rather gregarious-social wife, which must be rather challenging. Especially on days like today, when I want to share with you a husbandly talent Ted does really, really well. And that makes me very, very happy. 
    He polishes my glass. It’s his annual spring window cleaning that he does so well. 

    How I Look Forward To That Sunday morning!

    John Denver is turned up loud on the Pandora station and Ted methodically moves from room-to-room, shifting furniture, birdcages and drapes in order to slide open windows and risk life and limb bravely cleaning those glass panels inside and out two stories high. That’s my man. He is washing. I am singing, "When the sun's comin' up I got cakes on the griddle..... "

    How I love the natural sunlight streaming into my home! Sun no longer diffused by three-month old hand prints left by the kids watching the first winter snow. Sun no longer blocked by smears from our Daisy-dog’s panting and drool. Pure, beautiful sunlight streaming into my home. 

    When I started creating little changes on my one acre, ammonia was one of the first cleaning ingredients I easily replaced with kinder options. Its harshness was simply unnecessary. Instead, I made whipped together a window cleaner myself,  delighted to save money by not purchasing plastic bottles containing mostly water.

    My Simple Recipe Worked Beautifully.  

    Although, I finally admit, that first season I did add a few drops of blue food coloring to my homemade cleaner and served it up in a brand-name labeled bottle to ease the transition of “change” for my husband.  (Hi hon. I know you read these now.)
    From my past years as a waitress—where the mantra “if there is time to lean, there is time to clean” was hammered into my head- I learned newspaper was more effective than paper towels for squeaky, shiny window panes. (This fits nicely into my new-life-philosophy as most paper towels use nasty chlorine as a bleaching agent and newspaper can be composted.)

    Now that it is spring, you can be sure my DIY bottle is full, standing at attention for that glorious spring day.  So whistle your fav’ country tune and enjoy cleaning your windows. You can find several versions of a DIY window cleaner online, but this is my favorite:
    Yep, that is it.  Mix and spray!   Happy window washing!

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    Kristi Marsh

    Written by Kristi Marsh

    Founder of Savvy Women's Alliance & Choose Wiser, Mom of three teens. Breast cancer warrior, speaker, author and eco-health enthusiast. Loves beaches, camping, avocados and making the world a better place.

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