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    Just a short seven weeks ago the Savvy Women’s Alliance launched. Thank you for joining us in these wee-early stages – we have nearly 8,5000 views and hundreds enrolled in our 20 Budget Friendly Tips! To this we say hubba-bubba and High Five!

    Except, we forgot One. Crucial. Button. 

    Last week we added the brand spankin’ new shiny SHARE buttons onto our Savvy Blog Post page. Every blog post has them now. Top left corner.

    Just how crucial are these buttons?Analytics are identifying a strong Savvy trend. Our Number One growth factor comes directly from readers sharing on Facebook. That’s right, our most powerful tool for Savvy’s success comes from one tiny gesture:  Sharing a blog post with a thoughtful comment.   Would you test drive one?

    Future Deliveries

    When you receive the Savvy Path digest (our Thursday blog delivery) would you:

    • Scan for the one post that resonates with you the most.
    • Click a share button (on the top left of the blog post)– and share!
    • Type a quick thought: “ I really…"  “I loved this because…" “This reminds me of…“  

    This simple, ongoing, gesture means the WORLD to us. If it stimulates conversation, fabulous! If it is quiet, no worries – we know your friends are quietly watching and taking this in. Learning from you.

    Ready for a Socially-Savvy-Advanced move?

    Are you growing a community through blogging, coaching or as a business? Try this move out next time you share a Savvy post:  When a friend leaves a comment on Facebook, tag their name in your response, like this:  

    “Great post! We changed that too and little Sammy is so much better!“

     “I know, right @SuzieSunshine? So glad we know this now.“

    Calling out their name brings this conversation into Facebook feeds. More friends read, more friends learn. Now you try! It's all part of the social techniques and really adds to leading your followers in a kind, non-preachy way.  Look at you, becoming quite the world-changing leader!

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