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    That super-new-amazing must-have holiday item is almost here and we are counting down the days until December 5th! Yes, it is pee-in-a-cup! And yes, we are pretty excited to share this cutting edge biomonitoring study opportunity with you.

    Slow Down There Frosty, Back the Sleigh Up....

    What? Bio-who? And just why would I do this?

    The Silent Spring Institute,  one of our Founding Nonprofit partners, is leading the first crowdfunded study on exposure to toxic chemicals.  Silent Spring is offering the chance to participate in this groundbreaking through a  non-invasive urine test that detects the presence of ten common household toxics: including BPA, parabens, triclosan, chlorinated phenols, among others..

    Biomonitoring: Involves measuring the toxic chemicals in our bodies by tracking what's in our urine or blood. It can tell us what we are exposed to through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the products we use.


    How Does This Work?

    • First, place your name on the list at Indiegogo. This isn't a commitment, just a way to say, "Hey, I'm interested in learning more."
    • Then, on December 5th, Silent Spring Institute will reveal the details to those interested. If you choose to participate, you will receive a Detox Me™ Action Kit, and then , mail your two frozen samples back to be analyzed.
    • After your sample is analyzed, you will receive a personalized report comparing results with the data from all Detox Me participants and provide concrete actions for reducing further exposures. 

    Why Is This So Cool? 

    This study will help create a better understanding of levels of exposure to these harmful chemicals in the U.S. population. Taking part will help advance science on everyday chemical exposures. The further we are all empowered, the more we can develop strategies for reducing exposures and ultimately inform policies that encourage manufacturers to adopt safer alternatives.

    Is This For Savvy Members Only? 

    Nope. Matter of fact, you are free to share this to your circles.

    Is There A Cost? A Deadline? 

    Yes and yes. The amount to participate is $299. Although we hear there may be some interesting specials to entice us to participate.  The Indiegogo campaign starts on December 5th and will last 30 days.  If the Indiegogo campaign is successful, there will be further rounds. Stick with us and Silent Spring to stay in the know.  

    From Our Savvy Heart: 

    While we love to have fun with our wording and Savvy style, please know we have immense respect for the Silent Spring Institute, their leadership and science.  It is an honor to share this forward and hope you consider participating.  

    In the meantime, your actions - whether choosing wiser when it comes to BPA, or switching to organic foods - are known ways to reduce your body burden.  It is never too soon to start. 

    For any questions, please contact Alexandra at Silent Spring Institute at 

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