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    Food choices are something fundamental you can control about yourself: what you take into your body. When so many other things are out of control and your influence over climate change - all these much larger issues - it's very hard to see any results or any progress. But everybody can see progress around food. ― Michael Pollan

    • Join us in Tampa, FL + Arvada, CO?
    • Start A Chapter: Informal Chat 2/7       
    • Two Month Topic:  Meat & Veggies  

    Last year was considered our, 'quiet opening.'  Not so quiet if you ask us! More of a 'wowza' opening driven by word- of- mouth!  2018 will introduce more publicity and awareness to our not-so-baby nonprofit!  
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    Florida & Colorado! 

    The Savvy Women's Alliance is hitting the road once again for two very special events in Tampa, FL and Arvada, CO!  Our Founder, Kristi Marsh, will captivate you with her story of going from mainstream mom to eco-health protector and educator. You will come away from the event with the inspiration needed to make better choices about the products we slather on our skin, the foods we devour, and the surroundings in which we immerse ourselves.  RSVP encouraged using the links below. 


    Start-A-Chapter Chat 

    You know you are curious. Maybe have some questions.  What is holding you back from starting a cozy little community chapter?   There is only one way to find out. Let's talk.  Choose from:    

    Group Conference Call:  February 7th 1:00 pm ET/ 10 am PT  Or  One-on-one Phone Call 


    Tackle A Topic In Two Month:  Meat & Veggies 

    Over January and February we will be taking on our most requested topic - food! From veggies to meat and CSA's to climate change: we've got you covered. Look for our food-related blog posts in the coming weeks or design local field trips with your chapter and meet your farmers!   

    Chapter Ambassadors: The Savvy Cafe Gathering's Library is growing with ideas on how to host events on this topic.   


    Looking for a Chapter near you?   Find A Chapter on our website. 


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