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     Are you a parent of a baseball, soccer, football or hockey player? A dancer or cheerleader? Volunteering in a troop, chapter or booster?  Pretty soon it will be time to fill out another form and hand over a check. Or maybe you lead or run the fundraiser?  Flip your typical fundraiser of cookie dough or yet-another-candle on its head with this fresh idea:  offer stainless steel reusable bottles with team/school/chapter logos on them! offers a fundraiser program.  It is…. brilliant. So many parents would be happy about this great new fundraising idea which is also an investment in a re-usable product.  

    • Pura Stainless offers $8 - $15/ unit in profit ( a 50% + margin) with minimal commitments. 
    • Impacts your community in a positive, healthy way. 
    • Fill the bottle 12 times (instead of buying bottled water) and it pays for itself! 
    • An incredibly embraceable, timely and teachable topic, with a little enthusiastic education the kids will practically run the fundraiser. 

    Turn this fundraiser into an opportunity to teach kids about plastic water bottles. Combine the fundraiser with this video for an incredibly win-win-win!  Did we mention lowering BPA exposure? Let's make that a quadruple win. 

    Now, who want's to be the first in Savvy land to run with this and share your experience?  Will you write about it for Savvy? Let us celebrate you forward and let other learn from your experience. 

    The Savvy Path blog features one topic a month from many different perspectives.  This month we are  featuring BPA. Peruse more ideas and tips here:

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