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    Health and beauty expert Kristen Arnett is an international makeup artist who has helped thousands of women around the world detox their makeup bags with amazing results. She’s been called a “Green Leader,” a “Top Eco Influencer” and a “Natural Beauty Guru” by some of the top magazines and leaders in the industry.  Not only are we giddy to share her video, but encourage you to download her Toss the Toxins kit. 

    We All Have A Trigger

    Early in Kristen’s career, she battled with acne. For 12 years, she tried countless drugs that never worked. Everything changed when she was working with a model who had flawless skin and refused Kristen's products. Instead, this woman brought her own bottles filled with safer products to use at her makeup session.

    It was the first time Kristen had heard of using natural products rather than industry standard items on the skin. She decided to try these on herself. The remedies cleared up her skin for good and she never looked back. Once she learned about natural and nontoxic beauty solutions, Kristen decided to start using them in her toolbox for her clients, becoming one of the first sustainable makeup artists in the industry. She even created a limited edition color collection and started hosting workshops for both her own clients and other makeup artists.

     Since then, Kristen has been featured in numerous TV segments and spoken at notable events about the growing “green” trends in the cosmetics industry. In 2012, Kristen launched, a website dedicated to natural beauty education that helps consumers like you and me can learn about toxic ingredients, greenwashing and beauty tips – from basics to professional styling.

    Kristen believes that what you put in your body is reflected on the outside but she knows it’s also important to put safe products on your skin and face.   While this video is called Over 50 Makeup Tutorial - we think  a  MUCH wider age group will enjoy watching this: 


    Hey, Savvy Chapters:  Let Kristen Be the Center of Your Gathering 

    • Have each of your members download their own Toss the Toxins Toolkit from the Green Beauty Team.
    • Use the download and checklist to facilate product discussion. Who uses what? What have you tried? What have you found to be affordable? Who sells what locally?  Haven't found perfect...have you found options? (Make sure you update your Chapter Resources page and share pictures! )
    • For extra fun, use some of the tips in our DIY Spa Party post. 
    • Don't have a chapter yet? Start here. 


    Three more tips from Kristen for handling dark circles under the eyes:

    • If you are not genetically predisposed to dark circles, improper nutrition or lack of sleep may be causing them. Kristen recommends you address your health first to rid yourself of dark circles that have not been there since birth.
    • Either way, you may want to conceal them. To start, do your concealer after you’ve done your makeup so that you can first remove any fallout from eye makeup or mascara, or from fingerprints. 
    • Next, figure out your best concealer shade. Don’t go too light and don’t be afraid mix colors if you need to. Starting from the inner eye, use a concealer brush and gently tap the color to the outer side of the eye. Don’t just wipe the concealer across but really tap where you see the most discoloration. 

    In addition to on set makeup and brand collaboration services, Kristen also provides in-person and virtual makeovers. Whether it’s appearing on television, hosting workshops or speaking at events, Kristen is passionately committed to helping people live more vibrantly through conscious choices in beauty. You can view her work and learn more about her at  


    Gina Badalaty

    Written by Gina Badalaty

    Gina Badalaty is the owner of Embracing Imperfect, a lifestyle blog for moms raising kids with special needs. She encourages parents to help their children thrive by sharing her experience with food intervention and healing therapies and is currently training to be a heath coach. She is a brand ambassador, professional blogger for numerous publications, and has formerly worked with the NonGMO Project, and She is an advocate the healing power of real food and the benefits of nontoxic living, and has worked on the campaign to label GMOs. This former web designer lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and her two amazing daughters.

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