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    While many companies struggle to create a better product, LEAP Organics leads by creating a better world.  Spend a moment with Luke, founder of LEAP Organics, and you can't help but be in awe of the contributions he is making. In addition to ensuring that 100% of LEAP Organics are Certified USDA Organic (wow!) he has gone above and beyond the everyday business strategy. 

    Clean Products + Better Business

    When you visit LEAP Organics, you’ll find organic soap, face wash, shaving products, and this statement:  “LEAP was started with a clear mission: create exceptional products using certified organic ingredients and sustainable business practices. Easily said, not so easily done. Making sustainable decisions is difficult, and while we are far from being a perfect company, we’re proud of the steps we’ve already taken to create clean products and a better business.”       

    LEAP Organics loves Savvy Members.  

    Enjoy a 20% discount off all orders between 12/8-12/31.

    20% Off LEAP Organics


    What does it mean to be a B Corp?1555416_10151873746682546_1941514848_n.png

    LEAP Organics is a Certified B Corporation (B Corp). B Corps are to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. There are more than 1,600 certified B Corps from 42 countries seeking to redefine success in business. Luke says the certification process is rigorous.

    “Every two years we go through a re-certification process and review how we are progressing on our sustainable and socially responsible metrics and goals. This certification process is one of the most comprehensive analyses of business sustainability, and we’re proud to be a B Corp because of what it represents for both us and for our customers.”

    B Corps are led by those who want to be part of something that are bigger than business as usual, putting these businesses in a class of their own.  

    And a member of 1% for the Planet? 1%_Planet.jpg

    LEAP Organics is also a member of 1% for the Planet, a worldwide group of organizations donating at least one percent of net sales to environmental nonprofits. Luke and other members of 1% for the Planet believe that companies owe something for the privilege of using the earth’s resources in the form of an “earth tax.”  According to Luke, “Anything we can do to help find long-term sustainable solutions to keep the earth clean is all right by us, and the good vibes are a nice feeling, too.”

    Thoughtful Choices

    When it comes to packaging, LEAP Organics uses only 100% recycled paper for its soap and display boxes and 100% recyclable bottles for its face wash, shave oil, moisturizers, body washes, and hand soap. LEAP has gone the extra mile by reducing its ecological footprint. How do they accomplish this?LEAP_EUC_Bar_Soap_M_360x450_72dpi_090315_grande.jpg

    “Broadly speaking, we try to achieve this by reducing our overall energy use, purchasing renewable energy, and offsetting our indirect carbon emissions. If direct purchases of renewable energy are unavailable from our local utility, we purchase renewable energy credits from NativeEnergy, a third-party provider who helps us appropriately calculate what we’ve used. . . .

    Yes, when you order from us, we help keep you off Mother Nature’s bad list.”

    As a small business owner, I am inspired by Luke’s commitment to his customers. If you’re looking for personal care products you can trust, be sure to check out LEAP Organics and tell Luke that Savvy Women’s Alliance sent you!

    Savvy Tip:  While we seek nontoxic ingredients of what is inside of the box, we still live in a world where what is on the outside sways family members - particularly men and teens. So if you need a little name-brand and super-cool packaging to nudge them on board, then this is the answer for you.   

    20% Off LEAP Organics


    Andrea Fabry

    Written by Andrea Fabry

    Andrea is a former journalist, certified building biology practitioner, and the mother of nine children. She is the founder of momsAWARE, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues. Her journey began in 2008 when a serious toxic mold exposure compromised her family's health. Since then, she has discovered a passion for non-toxic living and enjoys educating and empowering others. She is the author of Is Your House Making You Sick? A Beginner’s Guide to Toxic Mold. Andrea currently resides in Vail, AZ with her husband, Chris and four of their children. Keep up with Andrea by following her blog It Takes Time.

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