Rising from Lyme Disease to Health Coach: Pallas Dame 

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    Pallas Dame answered the phone on a November morning, the muffled sound of wind and traffic playing into the receiver. As we introduced ourselves she apologized for the noise; she was out walking, she said. She maintained her brisk pace during our hour-long conversation. I learned that this was a new-found joy for her; she had spent many years trying to find her way back to health and vitality.

    A combination of genetics and Lyme disease conspired to send her into a physical, mental, and emotional tailspin after the birth of her first child about ten years ago that left her confused by doctors diagnoses and treatment regimens, and struggling against her body while trying to find answers.

    Today Pallas, Co-Ambassador for the Arvada Chapter of Savvy Women's Alliance alongside Katy Clodius Levasseur, puts her positive energy into so many things – her family, her business, and just as important, herself.  She’s the mother of two and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has become a Holistic Health coach.

    During our conversation, I learned there are primary and secondary foods, which aren’t what they seem. Secondary foods are the foods you put in your body. The best kinds are whole, clean, and unprocessed. Primary foods are not what we typically think of as food at all; they’re things like lifestyle, spirituality, and relationships. These are the things that nourish us in a more holistic sense and are key to health, wellness and longevity. If life is out of balance, it opens the immune system to stress, which can increase the risk of diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, even cancer. Traditional medicine treats diseases after diagnosis with methods like drug therapies and surgery. Holistic medicine, on the other hand, is more prevention-based and it’s about addressing both primary and secondary sources of what nourishes you in life. As Pallas describes it, it’s all about finding homeostasis, “showing up in your life, removing stress, addressing toxic relationships, and really integrating all the parts.”

    Pallas knows. As part of her own recovery, she stumbled through traditional medicine approaches including elimination diets, hormone and vitamin therapy, and psychiatric medications that spiraled into increased side effects. Four years into her search for answers she was so weak and discouraged she could barely walk her 2 golden retrievers, let alone feel like she was there for her two growing children.

    There were many starts and stops in her journey but she eventually began working with an herbalist who introduced her to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. By enrolling in the program to help others, she became a student of her own healing as well. “People are bioindividuals, she says. I love that word.

    Ever so slowly she began to feel a lightness return, “as if veils were being lifted off”. Today says she feels better than she has in years. “People go through life out of their body. They’re not connected to themselves. What is your purpose, your passion? You need to be quiet to hear it.” Listening to her talk as she walked, I could almost feel that positive energy sizzle through the phone. She considers it an incredible gift to be able help others see that they can manage their health and vitality too.

    As for Savvy’s mission, she feels right at home. “This organization is exactly about what I do and the demographic of this organization is exactly my target market.”

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    Janice Sina

    Written by Janice Sina

    Janice Sina, former biology teacher turned veterinary assistant, observes and writes about nature, human and otherwise. She lives in East Haddam CT, where she strives to tread lightly on this Earth with her husband, her pets, and several thousand honeybees. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her first book, Songlines in the Key of B.

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