But I Really Don't Want to D-I-Y Clean.

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    Worth Every Terrifying Moment 

    The last two months of Savvy themed topics were pretty intense!  Not only did you take a leap of faith to subscribe to Savvy during our wee-starting months, but we explored some fascinatingly hot topics like Fragrance and BPA & Cannned Food! At Savvy, our novel and risky approach to the traditional blog features one topic over a full month.  It can be scary at times, but much easier when we take the first steps together. Enter trapeze photo bomb of "someone" who had to be "encouraged' off the ledge due to a paralyzing fear of heights. #puttingmyselfoutthere


    We hear you are stepping out of your comfort zone as well. Pushing yourself to mention topics to family.   Sharing Savvy's blogs on Facebook to friendly vouyers, who are quietly clicking and learning. Ready for more? 

    A Carnival of Money-Saving Fun 

    May and June's topics are about having fun.  And saving money. And cleaning. We will explore: 

    • Super simple ingredients and cleaning tips 
    • Tools to find better brands 
    • Hot topics in the cleaning products moment
    • Discounts
    • And some pretty cool announcements. 


    But Cleaning is Not Fun. And I Don't Want to 'DIY.' 

    Trust us.........


    We are on your side. Let's talk... 

    • Whew! Less on the Toxins   While our efforts will reduce our day-to-day exposure to bleach, ammonia and synthetic fragrances, we go 'light' on the toxic offenders this month. (Hey, who is clapping?)
    • No Way For "DIY"  Turns out anytime we say “DIY cleaning products," eyes-glaze over.  It is a perception. Maybe 'canning' spoiled the DIY term? Or anything with mixing, boiling or grating?  Scanning our blogs, we realized there is very little DIY to the DIY concept. Really, it is just three simple, safe and effective ingredients that happen to multi-task. So if the letters DIY turn you away... do us a favor and simply 'skim' what we have to say. Here is one you may have deleted last week. Go ahead...browse our new friend vinegar.   
    • But, I Prefer to Purchase... Most women find that their happy cleaning products supply becomes a blend of using simple ingredients along with purchased brands. It doesn't have to be a one-or-the-other choice.  Browse the upcoming blogs on simple ingredients and we will join you on the long term quest to find the best options for store products.
    • Savvy's Stance on Essential Oil  If you are eager and jump ahead by surfing online you will find many "DIY cleaning products" use essential oils.  Some are included for their properties. Some are aesthetic. If you are a beginner, we encourage you to skip this step. They are optional. Unless you are knowledgeable about essential oil concentrations and properties, it is okay to simplify.  
    • The Point Is....Try. Test. Push. We are going to approach this nice and slow -- over May and June.  At the end of those two months, we want you to feel exhilarated about the changes you are exploring!  


    Thank you to my sons for demonstrating taking a risk....and fully embracing life.TAKE ME TO MORE CLEANING TIPS & IDEAS!

    Kristi Marsh

    Written by Kristi Marsh

    Founder of Savvy Women's Alliance & Choose Wiser, Mom of three teens. Breast cancer warrior, speaker, author and eco-health enthusiast. Loves beaches, camping, avocados and making the world a better place.

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