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    Wouldn't You Love To Have Her Knowledge? 

    Mia Davis is a clean beauty guru with a wealth of knowledge for those seeking to learn more about detoxing their makeup bag. Industry leaders go to her for guidance in making safer and more sustainable skin care and cosmetics. Her journey in clean beauty began at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, then as the first hire at Beautycounter, where she was Head of Environmental Health & Safety for five years.  As the current Director of Mission at Credo Beauty, a clean beauty retailer, she oversees mission-related work for the nation's largest assortment of clean beauty products (over 110 different clean beauty brands).

    Clean beauty wasn’t always her main focus, but Mia Davis has been an environmentalist from day one.


    Her journey to leading positions in several clean beauty organizations and initiatives, growing companies from the ground up, sitting on several boards, and piloting many nontoxic initiatives emerged from that central value. 

    Mia's interest in the field of nontoxic living was sparked while working on her Master’s thesis on brownfield remediation. Mia began to wonder;  where do the chemicals that pollute land and water go after manufacturing? Do toxic chemicals stay in products we all use everyday?

    Mia worked on corporate responsibility campaigns tackling BPA and other potentially harmful plastic chemicals (in baby bottles and water bottles) to skin care, where there has been a positive evolution toward "clean." 

    “There are more clean beauty products now than there ever were before. And customers now don’t necessarily need to sacrifice product performance or pay a much bigger price,” Mia explains. She finds her line of work more exciting each day as more options emerge.

    The following are Mia’s top tips for consumers seeking to buy clean beauty products:

    • Products that have water in them actually need preservatives! Shoppers searching for the best products often seek something preservative free, but they shouldn’t apply the same logic to clean beauty product shopping as they do to food. “Many times if a company is labeling their beauty products with ‘no preservatives,’ they’re hiding something from you,” Mia warns. Preservatives serve an important function of keeping products mold-free.
    • The word “fragrance” could be eluding to dozens of ingredients, some of which may be harmful. “Ask companies for full disclosure of 'fragrance',” Mia advises. Even unscented products could still be using chemicals to mask their natural scent, which could be equally as dangerous.

    Be aware of the persuasive power of packaging! “The beauty industry is still a largely unregulated space and the language used on packaging is not cohesive,” says Mia. Beauty brands, like those in several other industries, are often guilty of “greenwashing” or making it appear as though their products are environmentally friendly or health-minded with deceptive branding. 

    Mia Davis Clean Beauty Game Changer from BCN Productions / Kevin Friend .


    Mia says the bottom line for those seeking clean beauty products is this: “Beauty should be fun, not scary! We should be wary of our exposure to toxic chemicals, but there’s only so much we can control. Ask the hard questions and support businesses.”

    Read Mia’s blog on Credo to jumpstart your clean beauty journey.

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