The State Of Nontoxic Living & What it Means For Us

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    This is the second in a series of four video from our annual Talk Savvy To Me event where we celebrated volunteers while sharing hot topics from powerful speakers.   

    Next Stop? Adventure!

    From young breast cancer survivor and mainstream mom to national protector-and-educator of women’s “eco- health,” Kristi Marsh is the founder of the Savvy Women's Alliance and Choose Wiser.  Here she weaves real life emotions and humor into a meaty, must-know mesmerizing climate of environmental health - and what is ahead for all of us. 

    "As an author, a protector and an advocate of health, I am here to tell you today that there is a bone-chilling dark cloud of gravity - like never before - in our movement. We are in a vicious hailstorm like never before."


    This video player displays a playlist. Browse three shorter snippets or the full presentation.


    "A small group of committed citizens is no longer enoughThousands and thousands of  thoughtful, brave committed citizens have to choose to come together and protect fiercely.  That is where we are right now. "


    Expanding on her points:   

     We pick the cause that means the most to us, and we dig deeper than ever before. We look around and realize that it is up to us to love each other. That will never change..png


    1. "We CHOOSE to fiercely protect our fundamental, unalienable right to protect our health. Period." 

    Doing nothing no longer equates neutrality. Doing nothing is a slide backwards. We have to actively move forward with intention.  Just beginning to learn about environmental health? Explore here: 

    Get to Know Savvy F.A.Q  ,  What is Nontoxic Living? and Eight Pieces of Savvy Wisdom 


    2. "We ACTIVATE a small community around us and infuse our circles with ideas and sharing." 

    Chapters are informal communities that are as simple as five or more women getting together at least five times a year. During  our Gatherings women share stories, exchange tips and tricks, provide nonjudgmental support, and have fun, all in the name of simplifying their journey toward nontoxic living.  

    What Is A Savvy Women's Alliance Chapter? Or, check out the map of chapter locations on our homepage


    3. "Then, we move forward like never before." 

    Your turn! Fill in the blanks as prompted by Kristi:  

    I am a thoughtful committed protector because I_____________ . 
    I am part of this nontoxic living movement because I _____________. 


    4. Finally: Find Your Hive & Stay Connected. 

    Facebook: @savvywomensalliance  and/or @choosewiser for 

    Twitter:  @savvywomensHQ  

    Or, find your tribe at one of our big sister nonprofits:   




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