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    Does life ever feel like you are standing inside of a bicycle wheel, knowing each spoke leads in a different direction, but not knowing which way to go first?  Savvy has intentionally have taken a novel approach to address topics one at a time and guide our members with monthly themes. Starting today, we will 'announce' our monthly themes as well as share exciting upcoming news and events.  

    November's Theme: Girl Talk

    There are a lot of places we could have started with our monthly topics, but when it comes to this brave new and unfolding world, we decided to dig deep and focus on us, as women.  Over the next few weeks we’ll  dabble and explore a bit in the new age of beauty; including beauty products, better-for-us options, perceptions of beauty, and the risks we take on the quest for beauty.  In addition to blog posts, we’ll have discussions and brainstorm tips in our newly opened Savvy Café (see below!) 



    Question: What Kind of Savvy Are You

    Our true association membership structure has launched! Now you can decide which path is best for you based on how you like to learn. 

    • Subscriber  Follow Savvy and receive blog posts like this your inbox. (If you this came to you in your inbox, you are already a subscriber.)  Or, 
    • Become a Savvy Member  For a $36, members have access our new online Savvy Café , a growing one-stop collection of resources, discussion groups, surveys and tips.  You’ll also receive occasional discounts from better-for-us business and a first time welcome gift!  Savvy Members also have the option to join or lead a Savvy Chapter

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    What is a Chapter? 

    We caught up with our Executive Director, Kristi, on the streets of New York to share her thoughts:  



     A Savvy Chapter

    As few as five women  who get together for “gatherings” five times a year.

    Together they explore nontoxic living together. With our support, of course. 

    (Hint: Plan now. Launch in January!) 

    At these gatherings, women tell their stories, exchange tips and brainstorm ideas in a nonjudgmental, supportive environment through themes, outings, field trips - whatever they decide.  Most importantly, they have fun!

    • You don’t have to be an expert at nontoxic living to join. That's the whole point, really.  If you interested in joining a Chapter, check out our most recent chapters to launch here.
    • Maybe...just maybe... you would like to start a chapter? Become a founding Chapter Ambassador? We’d love to have you! We have invested our hearts into making this as simple and supportive as possible.  The first step is just to talk with us.  Ask questions.  Explore.  We can chat on the phone this month and maybe plan to launch your first gathering  for late January.  What do you think?  

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    “It isn’t about competing with other women…it's about collaborating and supporting one another. Savvy Women’s Alliance is such an amazing place to belong!” – Rachel Vidoni, via Facebook.


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