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    Berkeley, CA.pngThe Savvy Women's Alliance embarked on our first road trip over February.  We traveled up the west coast, hosting events to connect women as our debut across California and Oregon.  

    Browse our photos and see some of the women who joined us - from volunteers to bloggers, to writers and movement makers.

    We start the story with the live  interview by Tra'Renee Chambers on KATU's Afternoon Live, who focused on budget-friendly tips.

    The tour was made possible by a generous grant from the Seventh Generation Foundation. 



    Our founder, Kristi Marsh, trying to infuse some goofy fun at all the stops.  Kristi was the keynote speaker at each of the luncheons in Los Angeles, Berkeley and Portland.  She says the real magic happened halfway in at each event when the guests started sharing their stories with each other. Fun fact: Marylin Monroe was buried a block from this restaurant. 


    Two of our Founding Chapter Ambassadors: Tami Johnisee from Auburn, CA and Susan Cann from Redwood City, CA.  No easy commute but they came! 



    Beth Terry, Author of My Plastic Free Life .... leading the way by bringing her leftovers home in a lovely container, leaving a room of movement-makers thinking, 'Hey, I should do that... " 


    Janet Conroy and Michelle Fitzgerald - two of Savvy's hardest working volunteers - flew  across the country to ensure the debut was successful, hauling boxes of books and banners from airport to airport.  Fun Fact:  We have more members who are volunteers than members who are not volunteers! Talking about embracing the cause and making a difference! We are so grateful. 



    Janet Nudelman, Director of Program and Policy, Co-founder and Director, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, organizations that have revolutionized the personal care products industry.



    Breast Cancer Prevention Partners and  Safe Cosmetics Business Network Outreach and Organizing Manager, Sara Schmidt, along with Stacy Malkan , the co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Author of Not Just A Pretty Face, and of U.S. Right to Know.  



    This is Kimberly Pinkson, co-founder of the EcoMoms Alliance.  This friendship is an unusual one in the world of organizations as the EcoMoms Alliance is one of the inspiration for the Savvy Women's Alliance. Just shows how powerful we are when we collaborate with each other - when we know the end goal is mutual.  



    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead


    Now, it is your turn.

    The luncheons above are just one version of our Gatherings starting across the country through our just-launching Savvy Women's Alliance Chapters.  To join an existing chapter, visit a Gathering as a guest,  or to start a chapter, start here. 



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