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    Have you ever felt the vice grip of anxiety squeeze out your breath as you stand in front of the organic and non-organic apples – which type do I choose? … Are the non-organic really that bad? … How can one little apple make a difference? … What can I safely feed my kids?!?  Making supposedly simple shopping decisions when you’re a somewhat savvy, somewhat skeptical, eco-living-learner can make any trip to the store a head-spinning experience. 

    Author Paige Wolf knows that first-hand …

    As Paige acknowledges in “Spit That Out!” anyone going down the path of eco-conscious living is going to experience discomfort, guilt, and yes, maybe even panic along the way.  What’s a gal to do with so much heart-squeezing anxiety-raising eco-pressure out there?

     One suggestion: Open the pages of Paige Wolf’s “Spit That Out! 





    Paige Wolf– and all the contributing women in her book – share years of wisdom and wit to support the rest of us. 

    Cruising through the pages of “Spit That Out,” you will meet many fellow eco-women and learn various tips to help you. The book is loaded with direct quotes and helpful suggestions. 

    Knowing that you’re not alone is very reassuring.  Tossing and turning over decisions becomes easier when fellow women encourage us to embrace change. 

    Having started my own eco-journey about 20 years ago when I realized that organic apples didn’t make my mouth and throat itch like crazy, I wish I had had a traveling companion book like “Spit That Out!” 

    Paige Wolf’s eco-voice, combined with those of the many other women she included, brought me a sense of empowerment that I appreciate even now, after so many years of practice. 

    It helps to have a concise and kind guide to make gradual, effective changes. And it also helps to know that other women and families are out there making a difference as well!

    Learn more about Paige Wolf and follow her upcoming adventures in her blog.


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    Bonnie Tragakis

    Written by Bonnie Tragakis

    Bonnie is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, co-owner of Food Becomes You, LLC, and most recently, a part-time, passionate bookseller/barista/bookkeeper at the cool, indie “An Unlikely Story” bookstore in Plainville, MA. Her passion for environmental issues began when, within four months of each other, she joyfully gave birth to her first son, and painfully lost her father to cancer. With a rapidly increasing awareness of environmental toxins in everyday products, Bonnie became a quiet crusader for organic foods, non-toxic living and making manageable changes for easy-green living. Through Food Becomes You, Bonnie and her business partner have coached small groups to change their lives with “real food,” while also including non-toxic living tips in their classes. Through all of her roles, Bonnie hopes to reach passionate readers and introduce them to life-changing books and influential change-makers to raise awareness around non-toxic living.

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