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    "I want to congratulate you, Julia, on your outstanding achievements in writing and volunteer work in the Savvy Women's Alliance. To balance a college course load and still find the time to give back to the community is truly remarkable. I encourage you to keep up the good work and continue to inspire others in your path. Congratulations!"  ~ Jeff Kinney, Diary of A Wimpy Kid 
    The Savvy Women's Alliance blog wouldn’t be possible without the talents of a group of volunteer writers, who use their wordsmithing capabilities to give you the blog posts you read each month. Although all of our writers are rock stars, this year we chose one writer to celebrate at our Talk Savvy to Me event that was held in June.

    Julia Condon spent the first part of her life as a Pop Tart loving child. The self-proclaimed “freezer aisle’s biggest fan” also indulged in waffles and cinnamon buns dripping with icing. All of that changed in her teenage years when her mom made some big changes around the house. Julia describes it best; “freshman year of high school ushered the year of wheatberries and lentils and kale, lots and lots of kale." She also noticed the cleaning and personal care products were switched out to better-for-you brands.

    At first, Julia was dubious of the changes. But then this high school track team runner began to notice her endurance improve and the number or injuries she suffered from go down. She doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that those two things happened when her diet changed for the better.

    Now a college student, Julia continues the path of non toxic living. She admits that she’s not perfect (none of us are) but embraces the Savvy idea of little changes and is committed to making them when she can. “This toxin-free, kale-loving, health freak journey for me has just begun and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.”

    Julia’s commitment to the non toxic movement through her writing has been such a gift to the launch of the Savvy Women's Alliance, her fun, direct and informative writing style is a pleasure to read. She charms us with her words and can be fully relied upon to come through on projects. She inspires us with her quiet, but dedicated passion for the environment.  We congratulate Julia on being the Savvy Women's Alliance 2017 Writer of the Year!

    Did you read one of Julia's first posts? Still an all time Savvy favorite! Here is her full collection so far and we look forward to the year ahead! 
    Do you have a love for the written word or know someone who does?  Or have a yearning to do something meaningful? Be part of something amazing?  If you are a hobbyist writer or a rising influencer, we encourage you to reach out to us as we will be expanding our content team in September.  We are looking to add four more writers to our team who would be interested writing 3-4 blog posts over a year.  Curious?  Drop us an email:  
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    Diana Alexander

    Written by Diana Alexander

    Diana is a mom of two boys, wife of a Scotsman, a lover of all things food and a passionate believer that you are what you eat (and what you eat eats,) but always makes an exception for Stove Top Stuffing and cupcakes. When she’s not watching her boys on the soccer field you can find her with her nose in a book or in the kitchen cooking up something yummy, but probably not low in calories.

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