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    Moms know that sometimes it’s hard to get kids to do anything that has the tiniest hint of being a chore.  With more than 220 million tons of garbage going into landfills each year it’s important to recycle what we can, but kids may need a little extra encouragement. So how do we get kids to be enthusiastic about recycling?

    Recycling With Kids? Make It Easy 

    Put recycling bins everywhere. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a small trash can or box will do. Put a container where they can put everyday recyclables like plastic, paper and metals (like cans) in all of the spots they may encounter these items. Think kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and playrooms.

    Recycle basket.png

    This fancy basket by Pottery Barn is a stylish solution, or an inspiration for your own basket combination. 


    Make It Colorful 

    Let them decorate the recycling bins. Especially those in “their” spaces, like kids bedrooms. Kids will be more likely to use (and remember) recycling bins that also display their artistic talents.  

    Modge Podge.png

    A bucket and modge podge craft created by Kim at TodaysCreativeLife


    Make It A Game 

    How to teach kids about recycling? See how many recyclables the kids can find in 10 minutes. Or have a contest to see who can who has contributed the most items to the recycling bin at the end of the week. Keep track with a snazzy chart created by the munchkins.recycle-chart_19016596_8606cc83b9022737eb21a91048ef776efb5caf93.png

    Instead of printing, download this graphic onto your kid's favorite device (Download .pdf here) 


    Make It Crafty 

    Explore ways to turn recyclable items into a fun arts and crafts project. Think milk carton bird houses or check out Pinterest for some amazing ideas.  

    Toilet Paper Tube Craft.png

    Don't you love this toilet paper tube craft?

    Make It An Adventure

    Take the kids on a field trip to you local recycling center. Many waste management facilities offer tours for families, groups and troops. Besides being an eye-opening and fascinating experience, seeing what happens to to the items after they leave your home can be the extra incentive the little ones need to make recycling a priority. 

    Have a recycling tip of your own? We’d love to hear it. Pop over to this discussion and to share!


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