I'll Bring Popcorn. You Bring "Stink!"

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    It’s been a long day.

    Starting with the first chirp of the robin, you slathered on your favorite baby-powder deodorant and headed for the gym. After kicking butt in boot camp, you hit the showers with your favorite apple scented shampoo and silky peach soap bar. Spritzing your favorite flirty body spray, you head out the door and to your car, feeling pumped and ready for the day. The tropical coconut emanating from the pine tree swinging from your rearview mirror as you drive reminds you of that beachfront condo you’ll be parked in front of soon. With the day dragging by 4pm, you attempt to boost your energy with the mountain fresh scent in your air freshener, the very scent you love in your laundry detergent.  Once home, you light your favorite seashore candles and shuffle through your emails.

    “You're Invited: Gals Night Out” reads the one from your best gal pal. 

    “We’re never gonna smell the same again.” 

    You had planned to crash on the couch, but the thought of dinner and a movie with the gals who make you laugh is too good to turn up.


    Stink! is a documentary made by single dad, Jon Whelan, who tried to find out what was causing the smell in his daughters’ brand new pajamas after they opened the packages. To his surprise, he wasn’t able to learn this information.

    The film follows Jon’s endeavor to uncover why the FDA is not allowed to even know the chemical ingredients used in fragrance, much less regulate them. Entertaining and enlightening, the film winds through laboratories, retail stores, corporate boardrooms, and Congress, where everyone seems in on trying to protect “trade secrets”.

    You learn that of all those scents you love, there might well be chemicals lurking that cause cancer, disrupt hormones, or damage your reproductive system. 

    This is unacceptable for a Savvy woman.

    You deserve better. You will find safer alternatives and begin to switch them out, one at a time. Together, with your girlfriends.  But for now, you’re going to make sure all your friends know what you just learned. 


    The Savvy Path blog features one topic a month from many perspectives. This month we are exploring the fragrance revolution. To learn more on what you need to know, and what you can do, peruse ideas and tips here:

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    Donna Morin

    Written by Donna Morin

    Donna Morin is a professional health advocate, writer, and certified health coach. You can find wellness tips and recipes through her website at

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