Four Letters That Define Our Generation: TSCA

    In 2006,  I woke to an unfathomable world of  environmental health science and legislation. My mainstream mama-hood had sharply detoured after the discovery of Stage III breast cancer and what I learned was jaw-dropping. Mind-blowing. I fiercely wanted every woman to have a chance to be aware of what unfolded (and is unfolding) in our lifetime. This week, in our countries Capitol, news will unfold about 'TSCA.'  For a bit of behind-the-headlines prepping, I want to share this story.  Admittedly, the intimate revelations below - an excerpt of Little Changes - aren't a scroll through tip-post. But if there was one gem of content to lose yourself in today, it would be this story. One that defines the framework of our generation -TSCA - and its implications on our right to health. 

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