How To Engage Your Inner Activist: It's Time

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    What the heck is an activist anyway?

    "If I say the word activist you might have the image of people hanging banners, or chaining themselves to trees or screaming at authority figures or living in tents. Those are all activism. Or they can be.  But a lot of activists have never done any of these things. 

    So, what is the definition of activism? I think that really it is noticing something that you think needs to be changed and using your influence to change it."

    Elizabeth Saunders brings delightful humor to understanding today's activism (a word often followed by "oh, I am not that!) in out Talk Savvy to Me video. 

    This is the third of four videos from our annual Talk Savvy To Me event where we celebrated our volunteers and shared hot topics from powerful speakers.  We hope you can attend our next Talk Savvy To Me in late 2018.  


    Elizabeth began her career at Clean Water Action team in January of 2001 as a Campaign Organizer working with the New England Zero Mercury Campaign and (shortly thereafter) the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow, a statewide coalition working to prevent harm to our health from toxic chemicals.  Since 2001 she has served as Environmental Health Legislative Director, then Massachusetts Legislative Director, and became Massachusetts Director in 2012.  Her campaign work continues to focus largely on the issues of toxic chemical exposure, mercury pollution, and Zero Waste and Elizabeth currently coordinates the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow coalition and the Multi-state Mercury Products Campaign.  (Thank you Elizabeth!!!) 


    Two Gems From The Video Above We Love

    In our current world, we can no longer afford to sit back and watch. It is time that each of us find our cause, dig in and stand up for the change you believe needs to happen in the world.  Here at Savvy, we focus on becoming advocates for our health -- protectors of our bodies, home and planet. We would love for you to join us, but would be just as happy for you to find your tribe, hive or cause that connects to your heart.  

    It can be uncomfortable stepping out to proactively support a cause you believe in.  We have been there. Every new experience can be... an adventure. The thing is, not only do  we believe in YOU, we know you are vital to the shift you care about.   


    Activism is a Team Sport.

    "If you are doing it alone, then you're not doing it." It's really about getting people together to get things done.  It turns out, that 'getting people together' is exactly what the Savvy Women's Alliance does. We are devoted to providing the structure so that you can 'get people together' in a way that is inviting and engaging. 

    Chapter Ambassadors: Does your community have a topics that could use a little active push? A new Gathering Idea discussion thread is in the Cafe for you! 

    Not a member? Let's see if there is a chapter near you:

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    Legislators are People, Too. Really. 

    "When it comes to online activism, it's worth it to stand up and be counted."   If they get to know you, if they get to respect you, they are more likely to do something if you ask them to.  First we need to answer, "Who are my respresentatives?  Who are my elected officials?"

    There are a handful of websites that will display your federal, state or local leaders.  We like this one as it displays all the leaders associated with your zip code in one search. 

    Enter your zip code to display your elected offiicals.




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