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    Mmm…I love the smell of coconut, says Robin as she hands off the jar to Erin.

    Nine women stood around a kitchen island laughing. Sharing. Venting frustrations.

    Sounds like a gals’ night out, for sure, only this one had a special twist. 




    These were Savvy Women. 

    Members of one of the first pilot chapters for the Savvy Women’s Alliance. Women blazing trails for future chapters, charged with the duty of trying on ideas for get-togethers and keeping the ones that fit.



    This particular Savvy soiree was a DIY.

    After a brief introduction to synthetic fragrance and how it interact with the health of women and their families, the gals went to town making their own cleaning and personal care products.

    The air fresheners were a hit, particularly with the hockey bag moms. We poured jojoba and peppermint oils into roll-ons for afternoon energy bursts, hand-blended baking soda with coconut and peppermint oils for a teeth-whitening toothpaste, and mixed brown sugar with coconut oil for a fragrant hand scrub.

    What do you use for shampoo? Do you recommend coconut oil for chapped lips? What the heck are laundry nuts?

    The questions flowed through the entire two hours. As did the sharing. And laughing. And bonding. 


    And that’s what makes Savvy Chapters so cool.

    We can’t know everything, but each of us knows something. No matter where we are in the journey toward nontoxic living, we all have something to share.

    When you get a group of women together in the kind of supportive environment that a Savvy Chapter encourages, there is no judgment. There’s inspiration, motivation, excitement, and genuine connection.  


    If We are Going to Create A Revolution, It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This. 

    Soon we will be asking for interested volunteers to test-try pilot chapters across the nation. What do you think? Five friends to start and host five gatherings with various activities over a year?  Are you curious?

    Keep Me In The Loop...

    If you would like to start creating a GNO fun check out Women's Voices for the Earth's Green Mama Party Guide for a similiar idea with recipes. 


    Donna Morin

    Written by Donna Morin

    Donna Morin is a professional health advocate, writer, and certified health coach. You can find wellness tips and recipes through her website at

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