Gotta Love These Girls: Young Activists At Heart

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       Photo: Clean Water Action

    If marching into a retail store to educate management on environmental health concerns is not on your to-do list, we dare you to press play on this video. 

    Yes, we are certain that Tess, Sophia, Erin, Kayla and Sidney will make you smile. But after listening to their brave hearts,you just might rethink about what happens when you walk into a store.   

    Tess, Sophia, Erin, Kayla and Sidney - we look forward to your adventures ahead - as a group and as individuals. We hope many readers are inspired by YOUR actions.  You are right -  you are vital to the health of the future!  Let us know when you are ready for a reunion show! 



    Tess, Sophia, Erin, Kayla and Sidney understand how important it is to find our cause, dig in and stand up for the change they believe needs to happen. What if more young women were advocates for our health? Protectors of our bodies, home and planet? 

    • Forward this post to a teen you adore. "Thought of you when watching this... " 
    • Yes, you ARE an influencer.  Are you an educator? Troop leader? Coach?  Aunt?  Grandmother? YES your role is deeply meaningful. Sometimes the mom role may not be taken as seriously by our daughters and its other role models that leave a lasting  impression.
    • You are NOT on your own to knock on the retailers doors.  Intrigued?  We will connect you  to those in the movement who can  supply literature and fact sheets on the current topic of focus for the year.  We have you covered - this is what we do!  There are more details for our Chapter Ambassador's for your Gatherings  within our growing library of ideas in the Savvy Cafe.   
    • Your words are heard and your actions watched.  Pass on the plastic bags or BPA reciepts?  No thank you to the restaurant straw or fragrance spray? The young ones are watching your cues. (And evidently, we learn from them as well!) 

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        Photo: Savvy Women's Alliance 





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